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5 Best doorway pull up bar on the market
on September 22, 2014

Best doorway pull up bar on the market. Shamrock has the widest bar [1.25" with rubber guards] of any doorway pull up bar that I've seen on the market. Though it is likely made of aluminium tubing, it is extremely sturdy and hangs higher than the majority of other bars, making less of a problem for taller [5'9"] people to do a nearly completely extended exercise. The dip bar, which has three adjustments for width, is very sturdy and is better, in my opinion, than floor stand dip bars without that ability to adjust width. This is overall a quality piece of equipment. I am very pleased and pleasantly surprised with this purchase.
5 Really like my Shamrock Pull Up Bar
December 5, 2014

Really like my Shamrock Pull Up Bar. It meets all my expectations, and exceeds what I thought it would be like. It is a well made pull up bar. I like it more than my Iron Gym mainly because I am higher off the ground. The dip bars are really nice too. At first I was a little wary that it would actually hold me, but after doing a couple of sets I feel comfortable using this bar. This bar is ideal for me because I can do pull ups and dips on it. I could have gotten a stand alone dip bar, but I chose this because I am more likely to use this when it is hanging on my door. Love it.
5 Sturdy, easy assemble, no damage, supports more than 200! on May 29, 2015

This arrived today and I'm in love! A simple four step twenty minute basic assemble. Its sturdy & durable and yet light weight. I adore all the different handles and workout positions I can use this for! It comes with all the hardware and parts and tools you need. Family members have tried this out and it can fully support more than 200 pounds with no damage to the door frame or the workout equipment!! Im currently at my heaviest at a US16 and hope to cut that in half by Fall. This is an incredible tool to help me get closer to that goal, I cannot wait to start using it!!